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Cat and dog have been touted as eternal enemies who always hate each other with proverbs and sayings in human history. Are these two creatures at the top of the domestication process involved in our homes and lives really innate enemies? To find the answer to this question, it is necessary to get to know the cat and the dog a little and to identify the real reasons for this chase. In contrast to all beliefs, cats and dogs are not genetically disliked creatures. Although they come from separate sex families, their common aspects are too much to deny.


Dogs are predators and flock animals by their nature. They prefer to live in communities. It is a living organism whose quality of life and psychology are negatively affected when there is not a lot to which it is connected. She likes to be in close cooperation with her own species and human and her elbow contact. This intimacy with human beings and their willingness to act together have led to the formation of dog obedience and trainability concepts.


If you look for a word that identifies cats, this word is definitely defined as joyous. Although cats can live together, their individual psychology is intact and alive. They can live alone and hunt. Although their relationship with human beings does not depend on cooperation as much as dogs, they are animals that have been seriously involved in our lives. Cats, which are not as dependent on humans as dogs, can survive in humans, especially due to their high hunting ability. Obedience perceptions are low. However, they can create highly harmonious life relationships with people. Female cats are more active and hunters are more passive.


Cats and dogs have basic differences, although their feeding habits may seem similar. Cats need more selective and higher flesh protein than dogs. Nutritionally, cat and dog are not rivals in city life. So what is the cause of the problem between these two very close friends of mankind? When dogs encounter creatures running and fleeing from them, they are poked in the sense of hunting and seek to pursue and even catch. Cats, on the other hand, behave to escape with the urge to survive when they encounter large, eager chasing dogs. This cycle makes the cat fleeing prey, and the dog makes the hunter chase to catch it. What our dogs actually play with us during this game, chasing the ball thrown is the result of the same impulse.


The defense mechanisms of cats against living things are advanced and being safe and staying means everything to them. When confronted with a creature, they first want to know if they are safe and if it is a dog, then the danger signals will rise because it is a dog that can move as fast as its own.


For a while these controlled encounters should be continued and continued until they no longer harm each other. Of course, in the meantime, it is important for you to control your nerves and not to disturb the peace environment that is trying to be provided with your tense behavior. Loving both at the same time or seeing each other will help them develop better feelings for each other.


If both come home while the offspring, less effort is needed to establish peace. But still control in the dialogue of adult cats with puppies should not be left to hand. There is a similar danger among kittens. especially Terrier dogs think puppies are rabbits and can easily refer to their lives.


The conclusion of all this is that the cat and the dog are not enemies at birth, and they can live together very well in cases where there is no chase. Keeping the cat and dog together and harmoniously is possible by not intervening too much in the relationship between the two creatures. Both can share peacefully in the same environment, as long as their own living spaces have been created.