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There are various types of winged animal found in a wide assortment of territories all around the globe. Winged creatures are a standout amongst the most flourishing gatherings of creatures on the planet as they for the most part have their living space (the skies) to themselves. 


Flying creatures can be effectively recognized from different creatures because of their sharp, pointed bills, slim legs, wings and quills covering their bodies. Albeit all feathered creature species have wings, some are really flightless creatures that lone utilize their wings for equalization and not for flying. Where different flying creatures, for example, penguins, utilize their wings for swimming. 


Flying creatures are frequently omnivorous creatures, for the most part eating about whatever they can discover. Most types of fowl get by on an eating regimen fundamentally comprising on bugs and plants, for example, organic products, nuts, berries and seeds. 


Winged creatures are likewise unmistakable in the way that they lay eggs along these lines to other creature gatherings, for example, fish and reptiles. Winged animals frequently make settles in the trees or on the ground where to lay their eggs.